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Agra is thought to have gotten its name from the mythical monarch Agrasen or from Agrawana. Legend has it that a thick basil forest once covered the area around Mathura. Agra in Sanskrit means forward, while Vana means forest. Agra used to have this vast plain and woodland region with characteristic vegetation since it was a forward land to Mathura. Every year, millions of visitors plan trips to Agra. Hire the best Agra Tour Operator from Taj Luxury Tours.

The Lodhi kings took control of Delhi and the surrounding territories when the Sultanate dynasty came to power. The Mughal era saw the ascent of Agra city, which Sikandar Lodi began as an army cantonment and soared to the pinnacles of importance. After the Mughal Empire fell, the British further decorated the city, giving it the distinction of being the capital of the Mughal. This city has long been a favorite destination for travelers heading to Agra from all over the world.

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Types of tours popular in Agra Trip?

The city is endowed with a rich history, is furnished with all contemporary conveniences, has a substantial rail network, and is connected to neighboring cities through express and national roads. All different types of travelers, including those who are interested in nature, wildlife, or culture, are catered to by Agra Tours.

How to do Agra Trip?

All of India’s major tourist cities are well connected to the city via the air, rail, and road networks. It is conveniently positioned 200 kilometers from Delhi and is easily accessible by train or automobile. You can go there in two hours on a luxurious train. If you want to travel to Agra by train for one day, the Gatiman Express may end up being a superior choice. Between Agra and Delhi, there are more than 70 trains.

You may get to Agra by bus or vehicle from Delhi if you don’t want to deal with the headache of purchasing a train ticket. You can simply travel by road from Jaipur to Agra. You may take overnight trains to go from Varanasi. You may simply travel to Agra to learn about its history by taking a flight from any area of India to Delhi. Taj Luxury Tours provides the Agra Best Tour Operator.

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Best Time to do Agra Trip?

From September to March is the ideal season to visit Agra. It is not advised to travel in May and June if it is really hot outside. July and August are monsoon months, which means there will be a lot of rain. If visiting during these unfavorable months is your only choice, prepare yourself by carrying a lot of water bottles, an umbrella, sun cream, and wet wipes. It is advised to reserve a hotel, cab, and tour guide in advance if you want to visit by the end of December, close to Christmas and the New Year, as this is a highly busy time of year.

What is better Taj Mahal at Sunrise or Sunset?

To acquire the greatest photos, you may visit the Taj Mahal either at dawn or at twilight. By purchasing your Taj entrance tickets online, you may skip the inconvenience of standing in a queue.

Popular places to visit in Agra

The Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and Fatehpur Sikri are three World Heritage Sites that the city is fortunate to have. These buildings are famous and draw tourists because of their unique architectural design. In addition to these, there are four additional significant structures that are as important: the Mariam Tomb, Cheeni ka Roza, Ram Bagh, Itmad-Ud-Daula Tomb, and Akbar Tomb at Sikandra.

What to visit in 2 Days in Agra?

While designing Agra tour packages, you should get involved with the itinerary planner and according to your tastes and timings, you can include some lesser-known monuments in Agra in your Tour Plan if you have more than two days in Agra and are interested in visiting the other historical sites. These sites include Chini ka Rauza, Mariam’s Tomb, Khwaja Sarai, etc. Hire the Agra Best Tour Guide today from us.

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Types of Nature & Wildlife Tours in Agra?

For those who enjoy the outdoors and animals, Agra has a lot to offer. The Ghana Bird Sanctuary in Bharatpur, the Patna Bird Sanctuary outside Jalesar, and the Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary along the Delhi-Agra highway are the three excellent locations for bird watchers in the area of Agra.

These three renowned bird refuges provide a haven for both migratory and local species. What better option is there if you want to witness alligators and crocodiles than Chambal Safari, which is located close to 70 kilometers from Agra? During the Safari cruise, you can see freshwater dolphins dancing and alligators lazing on the islands.

What Museums can you visit to Agra?

You may also visit several well-known museums in Agra. The Taj Mahal Museum is a wonderful choice if you want to examine the Taj Mahal’s blueprints as well as Mughal miniatures and weapons. You may also visit the Imperial Wax Museum in Agra, which houses wax figures of famous people from over the world. If you would like to examine artifacts from the Buddhist and Hindu eras from ancient Kushava Agra, you must visit the renowned Mathura Museum in the nearby city of Dampier Nagar. Find the best Tour Guide In Agra for your next trip.

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Activities To do in Agra

The short activity tours offered in Agra city, such as the History Walk, Kinari Bazaar Walking Tour, Mohabbat-The Taj Show at Kalakriti Theater, Bike Tours, etc., are highly renowned. You may also participate in a cooking lesson or a yoga session in the Taj Mahal’s surrounds. In addition to this, you can visit Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity.

If you’re seeking for excitement, you may reserve a seat in the Fly Dining Agra for lunch or dinner 150 feet or more above the earth while admiring the Taj Mahal’s stunning surrounds. If you love draught beer, what better option is there than to sip on a drink of cold beer while seeing the magnificent Taj Mahal from the deck of the Beep Café?

Inlaid marble items, carpets, leather products, needlework, and other handicrafts are particularly well known in Agra. Visit the vibrant bazaars like Sadar Bazaar, Subhash Market, Gokulpura Handicrafts Bazaar, and other emporiums on Fatehabad Road Agra if you want to go on a shopping binge. Treat yourself with Luxury Car Rental In Agra online only at the website of Taj Luxury Tours. Visit the website now and learn more about us!

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